Salmon fishing in Overhalla

The Namsen – “The Queen of Rivers” and one of the best rivers in Norway for angling and salmon fishing – cuts the municipality in two on its way to the sea. In Ranemsletta in the centre of Overhalla, the Namsen joins the almost equally famous river Bjøra, which has its own salmon stocks.

There are several specially adapted places to fish for those with mobility difficulties. Access is good on both sides of the river.

Several well-known people including HM King Harald of Norway have tried their luck fishing in these superb salmon rivers. However, there are salmon fishing options to suit all pockets from land, from boats with oarsmen and with knowledgeable local guides.

River Namsen: Seasonal opening the night of June 1st each year with an opening show arranged by Namsen Adventure at Sellæghylla. Salmon season for the Namsen from 1st June – 31st August.

River Bjøra: The Bjøra salmon begin their journey earlier than those in the Namsen and the fishing season for the Bjøra therefore begins on 15th May. Salmon fishing season opens at Bjøra Camping. Salmon season from 15th May – 31st August.
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Laksefiske i Namsen foto: Terje Rakke/IN
Laksefiske i Namsen foto: Terje Rakke/IN