Open-air pursuits and activities

Bangdalen has trails and forest paths making the area ideal for excursions in the forest and cross country. Our map “Explore Overhalla” covers much of the area. There is also a marked path that takes you part of the way along an historic trail in Vesterå. Marked trail from car park by the lake Vesteråvannet. This is where you will also find the wilderness cabins “Efri Halfa Overhalla Villmarksstuer”. Popular destinations for walks in both the summer and winter include Solum (for the lake Himovatnet), Reinbjør (for Koltjønnhytta) and Skistad in Øysletta. There is a lovely path from Hunn in Skage along the river Namsen to Mælen. The walk can be done as a circuit returning on the gravel road to the centre of Skage.
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Take the “wilderness route” from Homstad in Overhalla to Steinkjer via Vesterå and Bangdalen. You will find yourself in the untamed landscape of Namdalen on a network of forest paths. Maps and route descriptions are available at the tourist information office or can be ordered from this site. The Norwegian forestry company Statskog also produces its own detailed map which is available at the tourist information office. Signposted with the symbol for a bicycle.

Other excursions by bike include: Ranemsletta – Øyesvoll – Mælen – Skage – Ranemsletta (23 km) or Ranemsletta – Oppdal – Ranemsletta (20 km). The Skage – Mælen round trip, that follows the river Namsen for some of the way, is ideal for cyclists.
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Activities and attractions
The Namsen golf course is situated on the southern side of the river Namsen at Ranemsletta. There is also a place to bathe near the river. It is rarely very warm but it is shallow and there is little current. You can hire a canoe from Bjøra Camping. Hire a rail inspection trolley from Namsos Camping and travel the 13km along the railway line to the go-karting track at Skage.

Ranem church is 820 years old. Haugen Keramikk has an open workshop where you can see the artist in action as well as buying his work. You can find out about the history and traditions of salmon fishing through the ages at the salmon fishing exhibition at Mølla. The Bertnem burial mounds belong to the largest in the Nordic region and have remains from the time when Bertnem and Overhalla were centres of power.
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