Overhalla - Historical centre of power

Overhalla was a centre of power for a long period and there are remains from this era, notably from the Roman Iron Age. More than 800 burial mounds have been registered in the municipality and some sites are suitable for visitors. Many of the burial sites probably date from between AD 400-500. The Namsen, known as “The Queen of Rivers” and one of the best rivers for salmon fishing in Norway, cuts the municipality in two on its journey towards the ocean. In the centre of Overhalla the Namsen meets the Bjøra, an almost equally famous river with its own salmon stocks. On either side of the Namsen, there are large, prosperous farms surrounded by pine forests. Overhalla is situated in the centre of the Namdalen valley along the highway Rv17 “The Coastal Road” and “The Fishing Road”. Namsos airport is 20km away and it is 25km to Grong railway station.
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Hunting and fishing
Hunting and fishing are amongst Namdalen’s greatest attractions and there is a full range of such activities available. As well as superb salmon fishing in Queen of Rivers – the Namsen, Overhalla has a multitude of fishing waters/forest lakes. There are 390 fishing waters with plentiful trout and char, which are suitable for fly and line fishing as well as for using otters and nets.
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Open-air pursuits and activities
Bangdalen has trails and forest paths that make the area ideal for excursions in the forest and cross country, including the signposted trail hiking in Vesterå. You can set off from Solum, Reinbjør or Skistad in Øysletta. There are rocky clearings in many forest areas and these are popular destinations for walks. Cycle the “Wilderness Route” from Overhalla to Steinkjer or try a few trips along the peaceful gravel roads. Hire a rail inspection trolley in Namsos and head off to the go-karting track in Skage. Why not visit the exhibition about salmon fishing in Mølla, Haugen Keramikk ceramics studio, the Bertnem burial mound or the beautiful Ranem church.
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