Tourist Information Office for Namsos, Fosnes and Overhalla

Welcome to “Skysstasjonen” on the quayside!
Foto: Steinar Johansen

Skysstasjonen is the hub for transport in Namsos and you will find ferries, coaches, taxis and tourist information office all in the same building. We offer the following services:

Tourist information office
Travel reference books for Kystriksveien
Regional brochures and brochures about Fiskeveien
Sale of postcards, souvenirs and maps
Agency for accommodation and salmon fishing
Cycle hire during the summer season

Namsos Trafikkselskap (NTS)
Freight services on the high-speed ferry “MS Namdalingen”
Charter hire of the MS Namdalingen for groups
Return trips to the fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan every Saturday from Namsos in the summer season

Ticket sale for buses
Local bus services for Namsos and Namdalen
Express bus service Namsos-Trondheim
Express bus service Namsos-Levanger (service coordinated with the Norwegian railway operator NSB at Steinkjer and Levanger)

Taxi office for Namsos. Tel: +47-74 27 28 28
Contact details for the tourist information office:
Kystriksveien Reiseliv AS avd. Namsos
Skysstasjonen, Dampskipskaia
Verftsgt. 34
Boks 478
N -7801 Namsos

Tel: +47-74 22 66 04 Mob: +47-92 26 93 71
Fax: +47-74 22 66 01
Web Namsos:
Web: Kystriksveien:

You can find our opening hours on our website under “Contact”.