Open-air pursuits and activities

Namsos is a good base from which to take fast ferries to the islands and other lovely places along the Namdal coast and to explore the islands by bike. There is a brochure with suggested routes and maps. Interesting diversions, attractions and cycle-friendly accommodation are marked on the map. As well as routes along the Namdal coast, we also describe the “wilderness route” between Steinkjer and Namsos/Overhalla.
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Inspection trolleys
The Namsos to Skage section of the disused railway track between Namsos and Grong has been adapted for use by rail inspection trolleys. Much of the route follows the salmon-rich river Namsen. You can stop off to rest/swim on your journey. Trolleys can be hired from Namsos Camping. Inspection trolleys can also be used on the route from the campsite and into the centre of Namsos.
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Namsos and the surrounding area have much to offer in terms of hiking for those of you who appreciate the great outdoors. Hike to the viewing points such as Spillumsfjellet and Vattafjellet or, if you want to stay closer to the town centre, walk to the top of the town’s own mountain Klumpen passing the Second World War bunker Fredriksberg on your way. The popular “Two Bridges Walk” by the lake is also convenient for the town centre and gives you the opportunity to appreciate Namsos during the 4.6 km circuit. It is also suitable for cycling. “The Natural Gems of Namsos” will give you a taste of what we have to offer.
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Seas-rafting can be arranged for groups. There are several bathing beaches in Namsos. If you are not tempted by the thought of swimming in the fjord, then why not try “Oasen” – an indoor swimming complex in the mountains. Visit Namsos’ unusual candle factory and shop Lysstøperi which is situated in an old engine house from the 1930s. There is a library and a lovely gallery with different exhibitions in the cultural centre Namsos Kulturhus. The museum Namdalsmuseet is open during the school holidays and gives an insight into the history of Namdalen with several buildings including a hospital exhibition. There is free entry to the steam-saw Dampsagmuseum which has free guided tours several times a day during the summer season.
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