Hunting and fishing in Namsos

Innlandsfiske Foto: Viggo Henriksen

Hunting and fishing are amongst Namdalen’s greatest attractions and there is a full range of such activities available. The region’s largest organisers of hunting and fishing packages are UtmarksCompagniet, Statskog and Ulvig Kiær AS.

Namsos has everything from idyllic fishing waters in the mountains to the Queen of Rivers – the Namsen. Some of the fishing waters are easily accessible by car, whilst others are in more rugged terrain far from roads. The Namsos fishing permit is valid for all privately-owned and state common land in Namsos.

Angling with a rod and line is permitted in the fjord. Boat hire is available from Aglen in Otterøya.

Flatanger, where you will find organised ocean-fishing activities is approx 1 hour drive from Namsos.

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