Namsos - The centre of trade for Namdalen

Namsos is the centre of trade for the Namdalen region and is well known for its culture and rock music, as well as for its long traditions within the timber industry. The large areas of natural forest and skilled timber-working in Namdalen were the reasons that the Norwegian parliament took the decision to found a town by the mouth of the river Namsen on 7th June 1845. More recently Namsos has become known as the birthplace of the Trønderrock style of music. The town has nurtured a number of well-known Norwegian rock artistes. Boats go from Skysstasjonen on the quay to the fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan and along the Namdal coast to Jøa, Abelvær, Rørvik and Leka. The express coach to Trondheim also departs from here. There is also an airport with a short runway operating services to Rørvik, Brønnøysund, Mosjøen and Trondheim.
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Hunting and Fishing
Hunting and fishing are amongst Namdalen’s greatest attractions with a full range of activities on offer. Bogna and Aursunda are lovely rivers for small salmon fishing in the Namsos district. It is also possible to fish for salmon in the lower part of the river Namsen. Namsos also has many superb fishing waters towards the mountains. The “Namsos-kortet” fishing permit is valid for public and privately-owned fishing waters in Namsos. You can fish in the fjord at Otterøya using a rod and line and you can join experienced anglers on organised sea fishing trips in Flatanger. For more info …

Outdoor pursuits Namsos is a good starting point if you want to go island hopping using a bicycle and fast ferry to visit the islands and delightful places along the Namdal coast. You can also take an inspection trolley through the flat countryside along the salmon-rich river Namsen to the go-karting track at Skage. If you love the great outdoors then you will be enchanted with the numerous opportunities for hiking in and around Namsos. It is just a short walk from the centre of town to the viewing point a the top of Klumpen. Groups can try rafting on the sea. We also have the unique candle store Lysstøperi, the swimming and leisure complex Oasen – an indoor pool in a mountain – and many museums and galleries for you to visit.
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