Welcome to Fiskevägen

main-192x292Fiskevägen is the name for the idyllic route between Krokom in Sweden and Namsos in Norway featuring an almost never-ending array of natural experiences, including opportunities to go hunting and fishing. The route takes you past beautiful fishing waters and rivers famed throughout the world for their salmon fishing, from forest hamlets in the untamed mountain landscapes of Krokom and Lierne through the fertile valleys of Grong and Overhalla to the fjords and coastal scenery of Namsos.

Each area has its own specialities and character, yet they are united in that they all have something to offer those who truly value the beauty of nature and not least of all fishing. You can fish from a boat of from the banks, with a net or a rod, in still lakes or in rushing waters. Maybe you also value a good fishing supper.

The accommodation options are many and varied, ranging from a tent and caravan/camper van to snug woodland cabins and luxurious mountain hotels with full board! Whatever you are looking for and whatever your budget you will always find a great place to spend the night