Open-air activities and pursuits

The grazing reindeer and old peat Sami cot tents further up in the mountains indicate that this is Sami land. Samis have lived on the reindeer and on the bounty of nature since time immemorial. From the shores of lake Storsjön up to the mountains near the Norwegian border there are miles of beautiful, solitary countryside. Hike or hire a bicycle or canoe and embark on an excursion suitable for your abilities and set up camp wherever you feel like it. Those who enjoy hiking with or without a guide along marked trails should try the “Flower Trail” [Blomsterleden] to the summit of Ansätten or one of the shorter trails in Alsenbygden. See for more information.The mountain Ansätten is popular with those on snowmobiles. You could hire a vehicle yourself or join a guided snowmobile safari. The area’s lift facility is small and efficient making it ideal for beginners and families. The mountain Almåsaberget has some slopes that are national championship standard.

The golf course on the shore of lake Storsjön is just a bunker shot from the mountains and has a pleasant 9-hole course that is soon to be extended to 18.

If you would prefer to go hunting, then the area has plentiful grouse, small game and elks. Hunting parties for you and your friends are available from several organisers. For more information…