In Krokom you can fish in fast flowing waters as well as in lakes and forest pools in an area spreading from lake Storsjön up to the mountains. The rivers Hårkan, Långan and Långså offer superb fly fishing. If you prefer drag nets and fishing from boats them some of the lakes in Valsjöbyn come particularly recommended, or you could try to catch a large char weighing 4kg or more in the lake Landösjön.
During the winter there are lots of great places for ice fishing in the forests and up in the mountains.
We can offer you lots of options whether you would prefer to put together your own trip or book a fishing package with or without a guide.
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There are currently 27 different fishing districts within the municipality of Krokom each requiring its own permit. Some districts offer combined permits covering several fishing waters. In addition, the county administration board issues fishing permits for mountain reindeer areas and there are permits for some
“special fishing waters”.

It can be difficult to decide which area you want to visit and which permit to buy,
so please contact us at the Tourist information office and we promise to help you make the right choice. You can also buy several fishing permits from us.
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