Salmon fishing in the river Namsen

Your experiences of the Namsen – the Queen of Rivers – will stay with you for ever. The Namsen has always attracted anglers from all over Europe and today the river is regarded as one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the country. Every year more than 20-25 tonnes of salmon are caught here. Landing a catch of 20kg is not an uncommon experience.

Water volumes, current and the terrain in and around the river Namsen mean that it is possible to fish from the banks, wading or from a boat (harling). The Namsen has pools, rushing rapids and peaceful sections, guaranteeing you excited and varied fishing.

You can buy individual permits for some fishing waters when you arrive in Grong, but other fishing waters require that you purchase a package in advance. You can buy standard fishing permits at Grong Fritidssenter at the tourist information office in the centre of Grong.

We normally get our first enquiries about summer fishing around Christmas, so it pays to be on the ball. You can contact the tourist information office in the following ways:

Grong Fritidssenter N-7870 Grong
Telephone +47 74 31 27 00
Fax +47 74 31 27 01