Paradise for open-air pursuits

friluftslivGrong is the ideal starting point for many different open-air activities because of its location in the middle of Namdalen. Grong is surrounded by mountains and forests with endless possibilities for all types of excursions, hunting and fishing. Maybe you would like to explore on horseback or by bike?

If you want to go hunting, fishing, cycling, riding or walking whether centrally or in the forests or mountains then visit to find a fine selection of superb excursions and cycle routes.

If you want to go hunting or fishing, then you can buy both hunting and fishing permits at the tourist information office. The staff will be happy to help you. The tourist information office also hires out canoes, life jackets, wet suits and rowing boats for three lovely fishing waters.

If you would like more information about routes for excursions, or need a map or some practical information about the area then visit the tourist information office in the centre of Grong and we will help as best we can.
Have a great outing!