The Grongkortet permit

The Grongkortet permit allows you to fish in several hundred lakes and rivers throughout the Grong municipality. The permit covers all privately-owned waters in the municipality as well as the council’s woods and the Nordre Bangsjø- and Brennmoen common land.

The Grongkortet permit is not valid for salmon fishing in the Namsen, Sanddøla and Nesåa rivers. Different regulations apply for the lower Fiskumfoss to Aunfoss section.

The fish stock principally comprises trout and char and the exciting local freshwater salmon known as “Namsblanken” can be found in the upper parts of the river. The permit is generally valid for line fishing, however otter fishing and nets are permitted in some waters. Further information about fishing with nets can be obtained from Grong Fritidssenter/ tourist information office. Children under the age of 16 fish for free.

Contact Grong Fritidssenter/tourist information office for further information.

Grongkortet permit available from:
Tourist information office
Harran Camping
Moa Camping
Harran Bygdasentral
Statoil in Harran
Namsen Laksakvarium
G-sport Grong
Leksås sport